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History of the Church

A brief history about All Saints' Church and King Charles II. You can also read about the Consistory Court.

People of All Saints

Past vicars, John Bales and a short piece about the Northamptonshire Pastoral poet, John Clare.

  The Reverend David McConkey

All Saints' saw the installation of the Reverend David McConkey in April of 2012.

  The Reverend Simon Godfrey

2009, after nearly 20 years at All Saints, the Reverend Simon Godfrey moved to Malta.

The American Connection

An explanation of our connection to early settlers of Virginia and New England.

Ring of Ten Bells

A brief history about the church bells and their current Company of Bell Ringers.

Thomas Dawes Dial Clock

The history of Thomas Dawes and his dial clock.

Gallery Organ

Information about the Walker & Sons Ltd. Gallery Organ.

Chancel Organ

Information about the Hill & Son and Norman & Beard Chancel Organ.

Chapel Organ

Information about the J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd. Chapel Organ.



A small one manual and pedal “Positif Minor” was installed by J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd. alongside their Gallery and Chancel Organs in 1982 for smaller services in the Memorial Chapel.

It is also connected to an independent video feed which enables us to use it as a vibrant continuo organ for orchestral performances of Classical Masses.

It was most recently used this way for a liturgical performance of Haydn’s Nelson Mass on Whitsunday 2009.

The Chapel Organ is driven by electric action and has a total of 182 pipes. The organ's technical details are listed below.

 Manual  Pedal  Facilities
 A Open Diapason 8’  B Bourdon 16’  Manual to Pedal
 B Gedeckt 8’  B Bass Flute 8’  
 A Principal 4’  B Octave Flute 4’  
 B Gedeckt Flute 4’    
 B Nazard 2 2/3’    
 A Fifteenth 2’    
 B Flautino 2’    

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